A busy weekend is on tap

    The living history village will open to the public at 4 p.m.today in Riverside Park as the Festival of the Kekionga shifts into high gear.
    The fourth annual Mayor’s Challenge will begin at 6 p.m., with Decatur Mayor John Schultz opposed by a new foe, first-year Berne Mayor Bill McKean.
    From 6:30 to 8 p.m., games for children will be held in Riverside park.
    Food vendors will be available in the Riverside Center area starting at 4 p.m. today and all day on Saturday.    
    German food will be sold by the Friends of Wyneken while hamburgers and hot dogs will be offered by Common Ground Church. Mexican food will be on sale, as will Freedom Fries from Boy Scouts.
     Mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers, and fried pickles will be sold by the  Adams County Citizens Corp., while the DAR will offer baked goods and the Callithumpian Committee will be selling ice cream.
    The festival schedule for Saturday follows:
    9 a.m.-5 p.m., antique show downtown.
     9-11 a.m., Optimist fishing contest,  Woodcrest pond, free for 16 & under.    10 a.m.-7 p.m., Encampment, Riverside park.
     10 a.m.-7 p.m., food vendors, Riverside Center.
    10 a.m.-2 p.m., farmers' market downtown.
    10 a.m.--2 p.m., farmers' barnyard, Chamber of Commerce parking lot.
    10 a.m.-1 p.m., sidewalk chalk art, Second St.
    10 a.m.-5 p.m., sidewalk sales, craft show, flea market downtown.
    10 a.m.,-5 p.m., art show by North Adams Arts Council, Riverside Center.
    10 a.m.-5 p.m., demonstrations, Riverside Center.
    10 a.m.-5 p.m, education exhibits, Riverside Center.
    10 a.m.-5 p.m, trophy hunt, Riverside Center.
    10 a.m.-5 p.m,, vegetable & flower show, Riverside Center.
    10 a.m.-6 p.m., Friends of the Arts art fair at depot on 7th St.
    10 a.m., Bear Hollow Carving, Riverside park.
    10 a.m., Razz M' Jazz, courthouse.
    11 a.m., Falcon demonstration, Riverside park.
    11 a.m., My Lost Tribe, courthouse.
       11 a.m., Book signing, Monica Koldyke Miller, Tim Ehlerding, Mabel Miller, courthouse.
    11:30 a.m., Going Bats, Riverside Center.
    12-3 p.m., kids games, Riverside park.    
    1 p.m., Decatur Dance Academy, courthouse.
    2 p.m., Bear Hollow carving, Riverside park.
    4 p.m., Bear Hollow carving, Riverside park.
    4:45 p.m., auction of wood carvings, Riverside park.
    7-11 p.m., Battle of the Bands, Vinnie's in downtown.
    10 a.m.-7 p.m., entertainment at Riverside entertainment tent: 10 a.m., Hearthstone Dulcimers; 11 a.m., Decatur Dance Academy; 12 noon, Razz-M’ Jazz Dancers; 12:30,  Mark Twain by Eric Rotsinger; 1:30,  “Old-Time Wooden Type, ” Charlie Brune, historian; 2, Louise Wolpert, storyteller; 2:30. Rev. Friederich Wyneken portrayed by Pastor Martin Moehring; 3, Jim Compton, storyteller; 3:30 – Mountain Dulcimer, Paula Schumm; 4:30, Mark Twain by Eric Rotsinger; 5-7, John Brodbeck,  musician
    9 p.m., Council fire, Riverside park.