Burry named deputy clerk at Geneva

    The Geneva Town Council made year-end appointments at its regular monthly meeting this week.
    The council leadership will remain the same in 2012. Dick Clutter was reappointed as council president, Jim Timmons as vice president and Doug Milligan as a council member.
    The fire and police departments will also remain unchanged . John Patch was reappointed as the Geneva Fire Department chief, while Gabe Schwartz and Sam Bisel will stay on as assistant fire chiefs.
    In the police department, Rob Johnson and Bradly Schwartz were reappointed as marshall and chief deputy marshall, respectively.
    Dave Baumgartner was reappointed as the town's attorney.
    Park Board appointments include: Jason Wilkie, Russ Flueckinger, Sarah Ellenberger, Skeeter Shephard and Calvin Morgan. Tree Board appointments are: Marci Bodle, Ken Brunswick, Curt Chaffins and Dave Cramer. Also, Clint Anderson and Jeff Brown were appointed to South Adams Trails for 2012.
    Sally Burry was appointed as deputy clerk, replacing Rosie Puterbaugh, who died in September. Burry was also named by the council as a signatory on all Bank of Geneva accounts in the event that Clerk-Treasurer Bill Warren is unavailable.
    Geneva Plan Commission appointments include: Scott Wilkins, Donald Graber, Jim Timmons, Doug Millgian, Dick Clutter, Arlen Mitchel, Andrew Briggs, Jim Fosnaugh, and tentatively, John Pyle.
    Geneva Board of Zoning Appeals appointments are: Lynn Burry, Kenny Schwartz, Eleanor Morris, and tentatively, Arlen Mitchel and John Pyle.
    The Geneva Town Council will continue to hold its meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month in 2012.
    The council is scheduled to meet again at 4:30 p.m. on December 30, to wrap up year-end business.