Brune to county: Use current jail site

    Another week, another opponent.
    Decatur resident Jason Brune appeared before the Adams County Commissioners Monday afternoon with an information packet he had assembled in an attempt to dissuade county officials from the concept of locating the proposed jail/superior court complex in the downtown area.
    Noting he is “interested in downtown and the future of our city,” Brune presented commissioners with three full pages of documentation, along with three pages of images, supporting his contention the structure the county proposes will fit on the site of the current jail. The concept eliminates the need to purchase and develop new property along 1st Street south of Madison Street as has been advanced by commissioners and county council.
    Brune, who along with his mother Jean Porter Brune prepared his presentation information, made a request of commissioners, urging them to “change the decision-making process. We’re asking you to take a step back and listen to the public. It’s a disservice to the community to continue on this path,” Brune stated.

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