BHS tankers zap Blackford

    Two lopsided victories were recorded by Bellmont over Blackford in varsity swimming on Thursday, with the Braves winning 124 to 34 and the Squaws winning 139 to 36.
    The Squaws won all 11 events and the Braves won nine of 11 contests.
    • Girls' Results
    200-yard medley relay—Bellmont, 2:16.98 (Hannah Mendez, Erin Hunter, Janelle Lopez, Saige Markley)
    200-yard freestyle—Sydnee Hake (Bell), 2:28.48
    200-yard individual medley—Chloe Mock (Bell), 2:49.31
    50-yard freestyle—Rachel Klingensmith (Bell), 28.35
    100-yard butterfly—Hunter (Bell), 1:07.4
    100-yard freestyle—Hake (Bell), 1:05.22
    500-yard freestyle—Klingensmith (Bell), 6:27.54
    200-yard freestyle relay—Bellmont, 1:57.99 (Lopez, Hake, Mikayla Voglewede, Peighton Morlan)
    100-yard backstroke—Kelsey Link (Bell), 1:14.87
    100-yard breaststroke—Sarra Evans (Bell), 1:24
    400-yard freestyle relay—Bellmont, 4:30.16 (Haley Handshoe, Link, Voglewede, Bailee Hankenson)
    • Boys' Results
    200-yard medley relay—Jay Watters (Bell), 1:49.84
    200-yard freestyle—Austin McCord (Bell), 2:15.3
    200-yard individual medley—Watters (Bell), 2:20.39
    50-yard freestyle—Brent Milholland (Black), 25.89
    100-yard butterfly—Michael Miller (Bell), 1:01.64
    100-yard freestyle—Milholland (Black), 58.93
    500-yard freestyle—Trey Schisler (Bell), 5:58.07
    200-yard freestyle relay—Bellmont, 1:34.66 (Miller, Watters, Matt Mock, Zac Torrey)
    100-yard backstroke—Mock (Bell), 1:07.74
    100-yard breaststroke—Alec Elder (Bell), 1:21.17
    400-yard freestyle relay—Bellmont, 3:52.52 (McCord, Schisler, Mason Schultz, Mason Werling)