BHS play this weekend

    A large number of students are involved in the upcoming Bellmont High School production of the award-winning musical "Aida" this weekend in the Erekson Theatre.
    Senior Madison Stoppenhagen portrays Aida, described as a strong, proud and intelligent woman who is a true leader to the Nubian people, even when she is reluctant to show it.
    Corbin Poling is Radames, a tough Egyptian soldier who loves exploring and conquering new worlds. He is betrothed to Amneris, but loves her more as a friend than a future wife.
    Jamie Schueler portays Amneris, the third part of the love triangle.  Freddy Fuelling is Mereb, Ramades’s number one servant. Ross Ehle is Zoser, Ramades’s father
    Matt Huth portrays the Pharoah, Amneris’s father who is a good and respected leader. Maggie Emerick is Nehebka, a Nubian friend of Aida.  Josh Ainsworth is Amonasro, Aida’s father and the king of Nubia.
    Performances of "Aida" will be given at 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday.
    Reserved seat tickets are $7 for adults and $6 for students and seniors citizens. Reserved seats are in the lower sections of the theatre.  General admission tickets are $6.  General admission seats are in the two upper mezzanine areas.
    For ticket information, call Jeannie Smith at the school: 724-7121 ext 4.
    The handmaidens are played by Shannon Lee, Tori Smitley, Leah Smitley, Whitnie Twigg, Katlyn Moses and Taylor Blum.  The ministers are Logan Baldwin, Sean Andrews, Jordyn Inskeep, Katlyn Moses,Taylor Blum and Alexa Van Cleve.
      Portraying dancers are Shannon Lee, Katlyn Moses and Maggie Emerick.
Meanwhile, Ivan Anderson, Grant Millington, Amy Weeks and Quentin Geels are the Egyptian soldier main guard.
    Brittany Tinkel, Bretna Hitchcock, Olivia Hammond, Marissa Tupai, Skylynn Celange, Julia Ysidron, Lacie Anderson, Samantha Witmer, Adrian Andrews,Michaela Wyss, Audra Geels, and Aleena York are foot soldiers.
    Also foot soldiers are played by Gretchen Coats, Janice Pearson, Kayla West, Jeremi Galloway, Beverly Velazquez, Gabrielle Brandt, Jasmine Sweat, Makayla Green, Haylee Hess, Fernanda Faccio, Shantel Sweat, Taylor Nolan, Shadoe McAllister, Padin Grove and Shelby Hurley.
    The Nubian slaves are played by Brittany Tinkel, Brittney Hartman, Bretna Hitchcock, Monica Williams, Olivia Hammond, Jenessa Smedley, Gretchen Coats, Janice Pearson, Kayla West, Chelsea Henkenius and Samantha Witmer,
    Also, Lacie Anderson, Michaela Wyss, Julianna Guerra, Adrian Andrews, Aleena York, Amy Weeks, Jasmine Sweat, Haylee Hess, Shadoe McAllister, Padin Grove, Shelby Hurley and Katrina Robinson.
    The Merchants are Adrian Andrews, Logan Baldwin, Makayla Green and Brittney Hartmen.
    High Sschool orchestra members are Zach Hess, Sydney Mcdonald, Colton Swygart, Amy Reese, Megan Seitz, Jose Bernal, David Sutton, Zachary Houser, Nicole Bosserman, Ryan Wilson and Ceonda Long.
    Tec Crew members are Shelby Nower, Timberlee Weiland, Zachary Houser, Zach Hess, Sydney McDonald, Meghan Zuber, Gabi Brandt, Karra Irwin and Liz Hess.