BHS girls top SA bowlers

    In the opening bowling action of the season, the South Adams boys tipped Bellmont because of total team points in a close varsity match at Haworth Lanes, while the BHS varsity girls scored a 17-3 victory.
    No South Adams scores were reported. In game one: Tiffany Statler won 90-67, Emily Osheskie lost 83-124, Kirsten Cochran won 155-96, Tori Fuhrmann lost 100-175 and Ashten Miller won 213-86; BHS won total 641-548.  game two: McKenzie Yohey won 73-59, Amanda Yohey lost 95-107, Kirsten Cochran won 111-77, Tori Fuhrmann won 151-133, and Ashten Miller won 148-86; BHS took second game total 578-462.
    The following are the BHS results in the dual loss to SA, game one: A.J. McCoy won 155-128, Danial Gage won 181-170, Justin Hamrick won 225-167, Josh Montgomery won 199-168, and Clint Saunders lost 159-203; BHS won first game 919-829; game two:  Austin Tricker lost 142-192, Dan Gage lost 149-180, Justin Hamrick lost 171-194, Josh Montgomery won 151-132, and Clint Saunders lost 203-233; SA wins game, 816-931, and took total points in the 10-10 split.
    The Bellmont girls take on Huntington today at Bluffton.