BHS benefits from bike ride

    Evan Oliff, a bicyclist on the final leg of a three-day Chicago-to-Decatur trip, was led by a civilian motorcyclist on Wednesday afternoon to his final destination at Bellmont High School. A crowd of supporters that included North Adams Superintendent Brent Lehman, BSH Principal Kim Harsh, Vice Principal Aaron Baker and many Bellmont students were gathered outside to cheer him on.  
    Oliff rode 280 miles — from Chicago, into Michigan and then to Decatur — to raise money in support of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Through donations he has raised nearly $10,000 to use towards field trips, experiential activities, and facilitating more than 100 entrepreneurial students in reaching their own person milestones.
    Oliff made a donation of $1,000 to Bellmont High School to be used in training and preparing students to become entrepreneurs.
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