Berne given another good econ forecast

    Berne City Council on Monday evening got a strong economic forecast from one of its larger employers, the second consecutive meeting at which a local factory announced strong sales and a promising future.
    John Johnson, financial officer with Key Fasteners Corp., was the latest to pass along a promising forecast as he appeared before the council on Monday as part of the annual renewal process for an existing tax abatement agreement between the city and the company.
    After weathering a few storms — both economic and those caused by Mother Nature — Johnson said the economic outlook for the company "is quite bright for us right now."
    During the past few years, a tsunami in Japan and flooding in Thailand each affected the company's sales and put expansion plans at the Berne plant behind schedule, Johnson said. "But things have all settled down and we have accelerated our process" to bring new equipment — and perhaps additional jobs — to the local community, he said.
    Further details in today's print and e-editions.