Berne eyeing ADA compliance

    Berne City Council on Monday approved a state-mandated plan that will bring the city into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
    This summer city workforce manager Kurt Dailey said a committee had been meeting monthly to identify intersections and other areas of town where curb cuts, sidewalks and other improvements are needed to assist handicapped individuals.
    The completed report must be submitted to the Indiana Department of Transportation by Dec. 31.
    City attorney Jim Beitler said the committee has identified and prioritized problem areas, concentrating primarily on the downtown business district.
    Another component of the ADA transition plan is a full review of all public buildings in the city. Beitler said city building inspector Shannon Smitley reviewed all public buildings "to see what we need to do to make them ADA compliant."
    Becky Sprunger, administrative assistant to Mayor Bill McKean, was named as the city's ADA coordinator. Also contained as part of the requirement is a grievance procedure for the public to file formal protests if handicapped accessibility is not provided.
    Beitler said the city's website will be updated to include an avenue for filing such a grievance.