Berne cracking down on dogs running loose

    Berne Mayor Bill McKean announced the city has received numerous calls regarding dogs being allowed to run off-leash outside the owner’s property, or dogs not being safely and securely confined in outside enclosures.
    “Every person and family member has a right to feel safe when in their yards and on city streets and sidewalks,” McKean said in a news release. “Therefore, I am instructing our animal control officer and Berne law enforcement to strictly enforce the city Animal Control Ordinance.”
    The ordinance states when outside, dogs must be kept on a leash and are not allowed to run at large. If inadequate fencing allows a pet to escape and run freely, residents are asked to fix the problem. When walking a dog, owner’s are asked to clean up after their pets.
    Those interested in viewing the ordinance in its entirety may do so at, then click on the tab “city codes,” title IX: General Regulations, chapter 90 animals.