Berne council awards insurance pacts

    Berne City Council awarded proposals for property and liability insurance and workman's compensation coverage on Monday evening after taking those quotes under advisement two weeks earlier.
    Graber Insurance submitted the lone bid for the workman's compensation coverage, at an annual cost of $22,720. That bid was accepted by the council.
    Three quotes were submitted for the city's general liability coverage: one by Graber and two by Bixler Insurance.
    Graber's proposal carried an annual premium of $41,222. Bixler representative Matt Lehman, who was in attendance at Monday's council meeting, offered quotes from two companies for the city's consideration.
    Lehman said the Scottsdale Insurance firm, with which the city has had its liability coverage for the past 12 years, boosted its premiums after a handful of claims were turned in over the past few years. The bid by Scottsdale was $45,919 for general liability coverage.
    Lehman said his agency searched for another firm to provide the municipal coverage and received a quote from Highland Insurance of $38,079 for the annual policy.
    The differences between the Scottsdale policy and the Highland proposal were minimal, Lehman said.
    City attorney Bob Biberstein said the council is obligated to accept "the lowest and best bid" for insurance coverage, and recommended the city accept the Highland proposal. The council voted unanimously to follow the attorney's recommendation.