From Berne to Bern and back

    A group of 39 county residents, primarily from the Berne area, recently took a 12-day trip to Switzerland where they toured various sites significant to the Anabaptists movement of 16th century Europe. The Amish, Hutterites and Mennonites are all direct descendants of the movement.
    The name Anabaptist means “one who baptizes over again.” This name was given by their enemies in reference to the practice of re-baptizing converts who had been baptized as infants. Anabaptists required baptismal candidates have the ability to proclaim their own confessions of faith and rejected the baptism of infants.
    The early members of this movement did not accept the name Anabaptist, claiming since infant baptism did not adhere to scripture, the baptizing of believers was in fact the first baptism for them.
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