Bellmont tankers take all 3 relays, sweep Jets

    MONROE—The Bellmont swim team captured all 12 first place finishes in the boys meet and nine in the girls meet to easily post victories over Adams Central Thursday night at the AC pool.
    The Bellmont boys tripled the score on the AC team by a 136-42 count while the Squaws doubled the Jets by a 120-60 count.
    Ali McClain scored two of the three first place finishes for Adams Central with a 1:06.70 swim in the 100 butterfly and :27.29 effort in the 50 freestyle. The other Jet triumph was a 1:15.42 time posted by Whittney Landis in the 100 breaststroke.
    The Braves had four events on the night in which they posted one-two-three finishes. Harrison Jacobson led the field in the 200 freestyle in 2:05.49 while Zac Torrey captured the blue ribbon in the 100 freestyle in :52.78, Michael Miller won the 100 backstroke in 1:01.21, and the 400 freestyle relay team of Matt Mock, Miller, Torrey, and Jay Watters earned a first place finish with a clocking of 3:30.89.
    Other first place finishes for Bellmont came from Miller in the 200 IM in 2:16.98, the 200 medley relay team of Watters, Mason Werling, Miller and Torrey in 1:48,60, Watters in the 50 freestyle in :22.35, Ben Turney in diving with 163.70 points, Werling in the 100 butterfly in 1:00.31, Mock in the 500 freestyle in 5:35.68, the 200 freestyle relay foursome of Watters, Mock, Austin McCord, and Torrey in 1:33.63, and Mason Schultz in the 100 breaststroke in 1:13.01.
    The best Adams Central placements in the meet came from Ellison Kaehr in the 50 freestyle, Tyler Sipe in diving, and Dylan Krueger in the 100 breaststroke as all picked up second place finishes.
    Mikayla Voglewede earned two individual wins for the Squaws as she beat her competition in the 200 freestyle in 2:17.06 and in the 500 freestyle in 6:11.92. Other individual firsts for Bellmont were recorded by Kelsey Link in the 200 IM in 2:35.13, Nicola Jones in diving with 146.25 points, Rachel Klingensmith in the 100 freestyle in 1:01.18, and Erin Hunter who went 1:10.06 in the 100 backstroke.
    The Squaws were victorious in all three relays. The 200 medley relay team of Hunter, Link, Sarra Evans, and Bailee Hankenson was timed in 2:06.37. The relay team of Megan Maynard, Voglewede, Evans, and Klingensmith went 1:51.68 in the 200 freestyle relay and 4:07.27 in the 400 freestyle relay to win both events.
    Second place finishes for Adams Central went to the 200 medley crew of YuLeeza McCullough, Landis, McClain, and Sydnee Reinhard, Alisen Barger in diving, and McCullough in the 500 freestyle.

    Bellmont 120, Adams Central 60 (girls)
    Bellmont 136, Adams Central 42 (boys)
    200 Medley Relay-1. Bellmont (Erin Hunter, Bailee Hankenson, Kelsey Link, Sarra Evans), 2:06.37; 2. Adams Central; 3. Adams Central.
    200 Medley Relay-1. Bellmont (Jay Watters, Michael Miller, Mason Werling, Zac Torrey), 1:48.60; 2. Bellmont; 3. Adams Central.
    200 Freestyle-1. Mikayla Voglewede (B), 2:17.06; 2. Hannah Mendez (B); 3. Kendra Kauffman (AC).
    200 Freestyle-1. Harrison Jacobson (B), 2:05.49; 2. Adam Ralston; 3. Matt Hartman (B).
    200 IM-1. Kelsey Link (B), 2:35.13; 2. Sarra Evans (B); 3. Whittney Landis (AC).
    200 IM-1. Michael Miller (B), 2:16.99; 2. Matt Mock (B); 3. Eric Durbin (AC).
    50 Freestyle-1. Ali McClain (AC), :27.29; 2. Megan Maynard (B); 3. Rachel Klingensmith (B).
    50 Freestyle-1. Jay Watters (B), :22.35; 2. Ellison Kaehr (AC); 3. Alec Elder (B).
    Diving-1. Nicola Jones (B), 146.25; 2. Alisen Barger (AC).
    Diving-1. Ben Turney (B), 163.70; 2. Tyler Sipe (AC).
    100 Butterfly-1. Ali McClain (AC), 1:06.70; 2. Erin Hunter (B); 3. Megan Maynard (B).
    100 Butterfly-1. Mason Werling (B), 1:00.31; 2. Trey Schisler (B); 3. Eric Durbin (AC).
    100 Freestyle-1. Rachel Klingensmith (B), 1:01.18; 2. Bailee Hankenson (B); 3. Sydnee Reinhard (AC).
    100 Freestyle-1. Zac Torrey (B), :52.78; 2. Mason Schultz (B); 3. Austin McCord (B).
    500 Freestyle-1. Mikayla Voglewede (B), 6:11.92; 2. YuLeeza McCullough (AC); 3. Haley Handshoe (B).
    500 Freestyle-1. Matt Mock (B), 5:35.68; 2. Adam Ralston (B); 3. Jacob Weil (AC).
    200 Freestyle Relay-1. Bellmont (Megan Maynard, Sarra Evans, Mikayla Voglewede, Rachel Klingensmith), 1:51.68; 2. Bellmont; 3. Adams Central.
    200 Freestyle Relay-1. Bellmont (Jay Watters, Matt Mock, Austin McCord, Zac Torrey), 1:33.63; 2. Bellmont; 3. Adams Central.
    100 Backstroke-1. Erin Hunter (B), 1:10.06; 2. Peighton Morlan (B); 3. YuLeeza McCullough (AC).
    100 Backstroke-1. Michael Miller (B), 1:01.21; 2. Kyle Smith (B); 3. Harrison Jacobson (B).
    100 Breaststroke-1. Whittney Landis (AC), 1:15.42; 2. Bailee Hankenson (B); 3. Sarra Evans (B).
    100 Breaststroke-1. Mason Schultz (B), 1:13.01; 2. Dylan Krueger (AC); 3. Matt Hartman (B).
    400 Freestyle Relay-1. Bellmont (Mikayla Voglewede, Rachel Klingensmith, Megan Maynard, Erin Hunter), 4:07.27; 2. Bellmont; 3. Adams Central.
    400 Freestyle Relay-1. Bellmont (Matt Mock, Michael Miller, Zac Torrey, Jay Watters), 3:30.89; 2. Bellmont; 3. Bellmont.