Bellmont Football Account to Be a Nationally Released Novel

     A story that captivated local football fans and high school sports enthusiasts throughout the state has become the inspiration of a book soon to be released nationally. 
    Decatur author Tim Ehlerding’s novel, “Always a Loser, Forever a Champion,” was inspired by the story of the 2008 Bellmont High School football team and its capturing of the Class 3A State Champion trophy.  
    “What a great tale,” Ehlerding said, “never winning a Sectional trophy in the school’s history, and in one season taking it all!”
    Two years were needed to finish the work with half of that necessary to complete the manuscript.  The balance included locating a publishing company and working with its people to edit, rewrite, and complete cover design, Ehlerding said. 
    “If you read the book, it’s pretty clear who the various characters are,” Ehlerding said.  He added that the general story line follows the actual events, “but I took quite a bit of literary license.”
    Two other stories — one being Decatur overcoming various challenges, and the other watching a group of factory workers prevail over layoffs and factory shutdowns — adds to the novel. 
    “But all using a football theme,” the first-time author added.
    A book release party has been scheduled on Sataurday,  December 18, at 1:30 p.m. at The Next Page Bookstore in Decatur.  Ehlerding invites the entire Bellmont family to come and relive the historic run.  
    Starting Thursday, the Daily Democrat will carry five edited installments of the novel.