Bedbugs in Geneva have resident riled

    Geneva resident Donna Butler appeared before Geneva Town Council Tuesday night to rail against “an issue we have here in town with bedbugs,” asking councilors at their regular monthly meeting to consider “an ordinance so that people in the community don’t have to go through what we did.”
    With a pair of zip lock baggies containing dead bedbugs and a stack of paperwork and ordinances from towns and states across the nation, Butler is on a one-woman crusade to rid the community of bed bugs and bring about change locally and statewide on what can be done legally to those who are responsible for spreading bed bug infestations.
    The problem of bed bugs was first addressed at last month’s regular meeting when Fire Chief John Patch broached the subject, wanting to know if the town would pay for eradication measures for his firemen should they be called to Geneva Shores Apartments, 295 S. Hale St., and bring bed bugs into their own homes from the location.
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