Beat the pros, round of 32

    Lehigh and Norfolk State really messed things up for the many sparkling clean brackets out there. Luckily for those who did not pick the 15 over two upsets, neither did anybody else.
    Of the 154 brackets compiled (a few extras were added before official games were started), only one had Norfolk State beating Missouri on Friday night, Peggy Werling. Great incite, except that poor Peggy has Notre Dame over Purdue in her championship game. There were apparently no Lehigh fans who had confidence that their team would beat the Duke Blue Devils, either.
    The most popular national championship picks are still alive in Kentucky and Syracuse (making up 80% of the public's opinion for winning it all). Those who went "chalk" on their brackets (meaning they picked safely without many upsets) for the most part are safe because all number one seeds are still intact as are two twos, three threes, and three fours.
    Only Ohio, Xavier, and North Carolina State stand out as truly high seeds left in the tournament shunning the theory that this was to be another year for the little guy.
    In the DDD's Beat the Pros competition, the lead has shifted hands once again with one bracket shining above them all...for now. Brian Zeser has become the new forerunner in the competition with an impressive total of 50 points. Brian has twelve of the sixteen teams left, but took a big blow last night when Florida State lost as he had Baylor beating the Seminoles in the championship game. UNC and a beaten Missouri team are his other two final four picks.
    With 49 points, Adam Weaver is in second place with 13 of 16 teams left, but he also has two of his final four out with Michigan and Missouri losing. His two championship teams are still intact, however in Ohio State and Kentucky.
    Alone in third place is Margo Knefelkamp who has the most impressive bracket at the moment. All four of her New Orleans picks are left (Florida, Baylor, Kansas, and Ohio State) as well as seven of her elite eight picks and 12 of the 16 teams still alive.
    Kyli Mankey, Kevin Ripley, Andy Weaver, and Kathy Gross are all tied with 47 points and are nipping at the heels of the current placers. Kyli has seven of eight teams in the elite eight left and all of her final four teams. Kevin and Kathy have all of their final four teams in as well, but Andy has both Missouri and Duke in his final four and may be some trouble going forward!
    The DDD's publisher, Ron Storey, was the only bracket contestant to correctly place Ohio in the sweet 16 (he has them going all the way!).
    There were over 20 brackets with 45 or 46 points so the contest is still up for grabs for an abundant number of people and things are only going to get more tense come Thursday when the Sweet 16 resumes play.
    Jim Hopkins is in the lead with 46 points for the staff.