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April 9, 2013

     The top brackets have been tabulated with the final results listed below. Only those brackets in the top 10 have been sorted out of ties for prize distribution purposes. Every other bracket past the top 10 that finished in a tie was not separated but kept as a tie to simplify the grading process. 

      The top 10 brackets are shown with an asterisk (*). Prize winners will be conacted to redeem their reward. Must have a photo id when collecting prizes.

     The prize for the top upset pick this year goes to Mark Miller, the only bracket to choose Harvard over New Mexico. Mark wins a $35 gift certificate to Quik Stop! 

      Top DDD Pros:   Dylan Malone (76), Jim Hopkins (55), Bob Shraluka (55), J Swygart (43), Joe Spaulding (42). 

1. Donald Lengerich* (76)

2. Michael Ellenberger* (76)

3. Patrick McBarnes* (75)

4. Tim Zeser* (75)

5. Mason Selking* (75)

6. Helen Mankey* (75)

7. Roger Manley* (74)

8. Ron Manley* (74)

9. Lucas Strickler* (72)

10. Chester Smith* (72)

11. (72s) Major Spiegel, Phyllis Smith, Leah Voglewede, Noah Macklin, Ken Krause, Mark Manley.

17. (71s) Sally Irwin, Marla Manley, Claudia Liechty. 

20. (70s) Max Eichenauer, Michael McGill, Larry Raldenbush.

23. (69) Darlene Zeitvogel. 

24. (68s) Todd Martinez, Ed Horrick. 

26. (67s) Dave Emenhiser, Andrew Gerber, David Fox. 

29. (66) Zack Macklin.

30. (65s) Alvin Miller, Mikayla Voglewede, John Fuelling, Jerry Eicher, Peggy Fry, Theo Plothe, Jen Gerber. 

37. (64s) Tim Wilson, Trey Schultz, John Baker.

40. (63s) James Voglewede III, Margo Knefelkamp, Shaun Smith.

43. (62s) John Selking, David Miller, Austin Alanis, Teresa Flaugher, Jason Spiegel, Janet McKean. 

49. (61s) Ashley Malone, James Compton, Brian Zeser, Daphne Wellman, Lawrence Bradburn, Mike Macke.

55. (59s) David Bates, Steve Harvey, Isaiah Wellman.

58. (58) Mary Fox.

59. (57s) Parker Zeser, Amy Weaver, Lee Hoopingarner, Rob Knefelkamp, Rita (no last name).

64. (56s) Garrett Fuelling, Brendan Gilbert, Ian Gilbert, Kathy Gross, Melissa Bergman.

69. (55s) Breckan McBarnes, Brian Mitchem, Dave Fox, Raymond Ehrsam, Scott Macklin.

74 (54s) Margie Teboe, Tony Rekeweg, Peyton Selking, John Macklin, Ryan Leazenby, Alan Miller.

80 (53s) Adam Weaver, Tim Berkshire, Tim Barkey, Tim Irwin.

84. (52s) Ryan Knefelkamp, Missy Fox, Dan DeLong, Jen Fuelling, James Markley, Ed (no last name), Jessica Frank, Stacie Knefelkamp, Tim Fry. 

93. (51s) Madison Macklin, Diane Macklin, Mark Miller, Kristina Nichols, Joe Lose. 

98. (50s) Linda Wilson, Jim Fuelling, Michael Stidam, James Pollock.

102. (49s) Charlie Brune, Mindy Knefelkamp, Mervin Miller, Jane Selking.

106. (48s) Laura Spade, JJ Everett, Kevin Ripley, Justin Manley, Tim Spade, Jimmy Voglewede. 

112. (47s) Tom Magnan, Kenny Grim. 

114. (46s) Angie Hall, Dane Fuelling, Linda Knittle.

117. (45s) Julius Quinones, Jerry Eicher, Jr., Karen Heller.

120 (44s) Ben Fawbush, Tim Weaver, Heidi Sprunger.

123. (43s) Luke Litchfield, Barbara Sheets, Tom Komo.

126. (41) Yvonne Raudenbush.

127. (40) Lisa Mitchem, Peggy Hunter. 

129. (39) Phil Morgan, Sam Magnan.

131. (35) Willis Christner, Ty Mankey.

133. (28) John Bollinger.

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