Beat the Pros Final Four results

The following is a list of the top brackets in the contest as of Saturday night. The top 39 (ties in no particular order yet) are as follows with those brackets who cannot make anymore points shown with an asterisk (*):

71: Claudia Liechty.

68: Ed Hormick*.

66: Dylan Malone (DDD Pro) Zack Macklin, Michael Ellenberger, Donald Lengerich.

65: Alvin Miller*, Mikayla Voglewede*, Patrick McBarnes, Tim Zeser, Mason Selking, Helen Mankey, John Fuelling*, and Jerry Eicher*.

64: John Baker*, Ron Manley, Roger Manley, Tim Wilson.

63: James Voglewede III*, Shaun Smith*.

62: Austin Alanis*, Lucas Strickler, Teresa Flaugher*, Leah Voglewede, Noah Macklin, Mark Manley, Major Spiegel, David Miller*, John Selking*, Ken Krause, Chester Smith, Phyllis Smith.

61: Marla Manley, Daphne Wellman*, Lawrence Bradburn*, Mike Macke*, James Compton*, Ashley Malone*, Sally Irwin.