Beat the Pros Final Four locked in!!!


       The following is an updated list of the DDD Beat the Pros Challenge brackets. It's been a wild tournament to this point and Wichita State has continued the trend busting everyone's brackets. Indiana's early exit was also a breaking point for more than half of the field. 

      With just the Final Four and National Championship left to play, 78 of the 138 total brackets are complete. This means that with these brackets there is no more potential for points and their total is set. Below is a list of the top 56 brackets. Although some of the brackets still have teams left to score, included in the list are those brackets who are out of points possible signified with an asterisk (*). 
      Remember, five points are awarded for each of the two Final Four games with a whopping 10 points for the correct champion. 
65: Alvin Miller*
64: John Baker*
63: James Voglewede III*, Ed Hormick.
62: Austin Alanis*, Teresa Flaugher*.
61: Dylan Malone (DDD Pro), Ashley Malone*, Lucas Strickler, Zack Macklin, James Compton*, Michael Ellenberger, Claudia Liechty, Donald Lengerich.
60: Makayla Vogelwede, Patrick McBarnes, Tim Zeser, Mason Selking, Helen Mankey, John Fuelling, Jerry Eicher.
59: Steve Harvey*, Roger Manley, Tim Wilson, Isaiah Wellman*, Ron Manley.
58: Shaun Smith.
57: Leah Vogelwede, Noah Macklin, Amy Weaver*, Mark Manley, Major Spiegel, Parker Zeser*, John Selking, David Miller, Ken Krause, Chester Smith, Phyllis Smith, Lee Hoopingarner*.
56: Marla Manley, Ian Gilbert*, Daphne Wellman, Garrett Fuelling*, Lawrence Bradburn, Brendan Gilbert*, Sally Irwin.
55: Jim Hopkins* (DDD Pro), Bob Shraluka* (DDD Pro), Brian Mitchem, Breckan McBarnes*, Mike Macke, Larry Raudenbush, Max Eichenauer, Raymond Ehrsam*, Michael McGill, Scott Macklin*.
Other DDD Pros: J Swygart* (43), Joe Spaulding* (42).