Beat the pros final

    With the tournament in the books, here is a list of the top 50 brackets for 2012. Congratulations to the top five who will receive a free large pizza from Pizza Hut (winners designated with an "*"). The tie-breaker was determined by the most points from play-in games and then final score guessed in the championship game.
    89 PTS: Kevin Ripley *
    85 PTS: Helen Mankey *
    84 PTS: Patrick McBarnes *
    83 PTS: Parker Zeser *, Lee Hoopingarner *, James Pollock.
    82 PTS: Joe Spaulding (DDD pro), Justin Manley, Matt Lose, Barbara Sheets, Mary Fox.
    80 PTS: Rob Knefelkamp.
    79 PTS: Dave Fox, Ian Gilbert.
    78 PTS: Daphne Wellman.
    77 PTS: Linda Wilson, Tracy Stevens, Ronda Cowans, Adam Weaver, Isaiah Wellman.
    76 PTS: Nicole Heckert, Jason Spiegel, Margo Knefelkamp.
    75 PTS: Brian Mitchem.
    74 PTS: Terry Eher, Major Spiegel.
    73 PTS: Jim Wilson, Jen Fuelling, Tim Spade, Ryan Knefelkamp, James Compton.
    72 PTS: Jim Hopkins (DDD pro), Thomas Mitchem.
    71 PTS: James Vogelwede III.
    70 PTS: Andy Weaver, Kyli Mankey, Larry Raudenbush.
    69 PTS: Tim Wilson, David Miller, Mike "Fuzz" Meyer, Ashley Malone.
    68 PTS: Payton Selking, Charlie Brune.
    66 PTS: Alvin L. Miller, Jim Vogelwede, Jr., Ron Storey (DDD pro).
    65 PTS: Peggy Fry, Linda Knittle, Diane Zeser, Laura Spade, Brian Zeser.