Beat the Pros challenge: Sweet 16


                After all eight games in the Sweet 16 the standings have some familiar faces, but it’s still anyone’s race with some new brackets coming forward in the contest. Stay tuned for updates after the Elite 8 this weekend.

                65 PTS: Major Spiegel, Brian Zeser.

                64 PTS: James Pollock, Adam Weaver, James Compton, Jim Hopkins (DDD Pro).

                63 PTS: Margo Knefelkamp, Barbara Sheets.

                62 PTS: Kathy Gross, Kyli Mankey, Kevin Ripley, Andy Weaver.

                61 PTS: Patrick McBarnes, Larry Raudenbush, Terry Eher.

                60 PTS: Isaiah Wellman, Parker Zeser, Peggy Fry, Don Gerke, Lee Hoopingarner.

                59 PTS: Justin Manley, James Vogelwede III, Matt Lose, Payton Selking, Daphne Wellman.

                58 PTS: Ronda Cowans, David Miller, Brian Mitchem, Ian Gilbert, Tracy Stevens, Leah Vogelwede, Linda Plasterer-Eber.

                57 PTS: Diane Zeser, Laura Spade, Rob Knefelkamp, Jason Spiegel, Jim Vogelwede, Jr., Helen Mankey, Linda Knittle, Alvin Miller.

                56 PTS: Tim Wilson, Zack Macklin, Mark Okoniawski, Breckin McBarnes, Ron Manley, Hannah Wellman, Phil Morgan (DDD pro), Mike Meyer.

                55 PTS: Mindy Knefelkamp, Jim Fuelling, Madison Macklin, Todd Gerke, Tom Magnan, Thomas Mitchem, Charlie Brune, Tim Zeser, Joe Spaulding (DDD pro), Bob Shraluka (DDD pro) 

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