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Balanced SA boys tankers handle Jay; Pat girls win

December 14, 2010

WURSTER FREE — Caleb Wurster of South Adams competes in a recent 500 yard freestyle event. Wurster won the event and was part of the winning medley relay team as the Starfires downed Jay County Monday 113-70. (Photo by Jim Hopkins)

    BERNE—South Adams swim teams split a pair of matches with Jay County at the SA pool Monday night with the Starfish boys downing the Patriots 113-70 while Jay County won the girls meet 124-62.
    South Adams won seven events in the boys meet with six different individuals winning and then four of those six teamed up to win a relay race.
    The Starfish took the opening event of the night, the 200 medley relay, as Joel Schmidt, Caleb Wurster, Jacob Werst, and Cole Farlow posted a 1:56.76 finish.
    Farlow captured the 50 freestyle in :24.02, Werst won the 100 butterfly with a 1:03.73 finish, Wurster beat the 500 freestyle field in 5:34.16, and Schmidt took the 100 backstroke race with a time of 1:06.40.
    Other first place finishes were earned by Lance Hummer in the one-meter diving event with 176.95 points and Mitchel Kaverman with a 1:14.20 time in the 100 breaststroke.
    The South Adams girls had just two first place ribbons Monday night and both were earned by Erika Waugh. Waugh won the 200 and 500 freestyle races with respective times of 2:06.28 and 5:32.40. She beat the second place finisher in the 500 freestyle by a whopping :49.56 seconds.
    South Adams will return to the pool on Thursday night as they travel to Norwell for a 5:30 p.m. match.

Jay County 124, South Adams 62 (girls)
South Adams 113, Jay County 70 (boys)

    200 Medley Relay-1. Jay County, 1:59.15; 2. South Adams; 3. Jay County.
    200 Medley Relay-1. South Adams (Joel Schmidt, Caleb Wurster, Jacob Werst, Cole Farlow), 1:56.76; 2. South Adams; 3. Jay County.
    200 Freestyle-1. Erika Waugh (SA), 2:06.28; 2. Mary Hudson (JC); 3. Alyson Lucas (JC).
    200 Freestyle-1. Neal Fennig (JC), 1:57.40; 2. Caleb Wurster (SA); 3. Josh Dynes (SA).
    200 IM-1. Eme Miller (JC), 2:30.48; 2. Caitlin Mark (JC); 3. Alex Fox (SA).
    200 IM-1. Wiley Young (JC), 2:22.96; 2. Joel Schmidt (SA); 3. Jacob Werst (SA).
    50 Freestyle-1. Charlotte Becot (JC), :26.55; 2. Kara DeLong (SA); 3. Olivia Turner (SA).
    50 Freestyle-1. Cole Farlow (SA), :24.03; 2. Richard Osterholt (JC); 3. Dom Richert (SA).
    Diving-1. Megan Taylor (JC), 186.70; 2. Olivia Turner (SA); 3. Lyndee Evans (JC).
    Diving-1. Lance Hummer (SA), 176.95; 2. Josh Armenta (SA); 3. Trent Whiteneck (JC).
    100 Butterfly-1. Mary Hudson (JC), 1:09.09; 2. Alex Fox (SA); 3. Jocelyn Mann (JC).
    100 Butterfly-1. Jacob Werst (SA), 1:03.73; 2. Luke Holcomb (JC); 3. Johnny Everidge (SA).
    100 Freestyle-1. Charlotte Becot (JC), :58.06; 2. Brie McGhee (JC); 3. Michaela Rupp (SA).
    100 Freestyle-1. Wiley Young (JC), :55.10; 2. Cole Farlow (SA); 3. Alex Sutton (JC).
    500 Freestyle-1. Erika Waugh (SA), 5:32.40; 2. Caitlin Mark (JC); 3. Brooke Kirchhofer (SA).
    500 Freestyle-1. Caleb Wurster (SA), 5:34.16; 2. Neal Fennig (JC); 3. Cory Sank (SA).
    200 Freestyle Relay-1. Jay County, 1:55.18; 2. South Adams; 3. Jay County.
    200 Freestyle Relay-1. Jay County, 1:41.93; 2. South Adams; 3. South Adams.
    100 Backstroke-1. Brie McGhee (JC), 1:06.01; 2. Kara DeLong (SA); 3. Eme Miller (JC).
    100 Backstroke-1. Joel Schmidt (SA), 1:06.40; 2. Luke Holcomb (JC); 3. Lance Hummer (SA).
    100 Breaststroke-1. Elaine Hemmelgarn (JC), 1:18.03; 2. Katie Simmons (JC); 3. Michaela Rupp (SA).
    100 Breaststroke-1. Mitchel Kaverman (SA), 1:14.20; 2. Bobby Switzer (SA); 3. Zach James (JC).
    400 Freestyle Relay-1. Jay County, 4:02.09; 2. South Adams; 3. Jay County.
    400 Freestyle Relay-1. Jay County, 3:47.73; 2. South Adams; 3. South Adams.

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