Back to normal...except for rain

    Back to normal ... or at least close to it.
    Everyone's power is restored and after nearly two weeks of extremely hot weather, Decatur-area residents are going to be seeing near-normal temperatures this week, the National Weather Service said this morning.
    Now, if we could just get some more rain!
    Forecasters said the Decatur area can expect a high temperature near 88 today, 85 on Tuesday and 87 on Wednesday. The trend shifts back upward a bit on Thursday and Friday with highs expected to be around 87 or 88 degrees.
    Normal highs this time of the year are 85. Normal lows are 63 and our area will be right around that number all week, according to forecasters.
    The one negative note in all this: Not one mention of precipitation in the forecast through Friday.
    The city weather station did record .09 of an inch Saturday morning.
    The temperature topped out at 86 at the Decatur weather station on Sunday, after a 101 highs on both Friday and Saturday.
    The record-breaking heat wave claimed at least two lives.
    Health officials in Indianapolis said two men have been found dead. A 92-year-old man was found dead inside his unventilated home with only a fan and a 54-year old male was found dead outside near his residence Saturday.
    Saturday’s 105-degree temperature was 1 degree shy of Indianapolis’ all-time high, set on July 14, 1936.
    The agency attributed both men’s deaths to heat, but didn’t specify the exact causes.
    Here are the Decatur's last high readings for the last 12 days:
    June 27      90
    June 28    102
    June 29      93
    June 30    89
    July   1      92
    July   2      92
    July   3      95
    July   4      98
    July   5     99
    July   6    101
    July   7    101
    July   8      86
    —The Associated Press contributed to this story.