Arrests made in Amish attacks

    Two Fort Wayne men are being held without bond today in the Adams County Jail in connection with several attacks on Amish residents in southern Adams County Monday.
    Adams County Sheriff Shane Rekeweg announced this morning that his department, with assistance from the public and the Berne Police Department, was able to identify and arrest David Veliz, 19, and Alejandro Lopez, 18. Both are preliminarily charged with armed robbery.
    Police were notified Monday afternoon that two men wearing ski masks stopped an Amish buggy and threatened the occupants of the buggy with baseball bats. Rekeweg said that "at least four separate incidents" have occurred and that to his knowledge, none of the Amish involved in the incidents were injured to the extent they needed to be taken to the hospital.
    Rekeweg said this morning, "We are still investigating this incident and will have more information to follow. We still encourage anyone with information to call the Adams County Sheriff's Department (724-5345) or Crime Stoppers (692-2882)."
    He added that information from his office is being forwarded to Adams County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Harvey for his review and that additional charges are a likely possibility.
    The attacks that occurred happened in the rural Berne area and the alleged assailants were seen in a light gray or light green station wagon similar to a Chevy HHR or PT Cruiser. The vehicle reportedly has damage to the driver's side door and passenger's right rear quarter side.