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Area man faces charges in Geneva resident's death

May 8, 2012

    The death of a Geneva man as a result of an alleged fight last November has led Adams County prosecutor Chris Harvey to file charges of aggravated battery and involuntary manslaughter against Nicholas J. Stump, 29, rural Portland.
    According to a probable cause document filed in Adams County Circuit Court last Friday, "Stump did knowingly inflict injury on Dennis L. Sroufe that created a substantial risk of death."
    Harvey said the incident between the two men occurred "late at night on November 4 or early in the morning on November 5." The probable cause affidavit said on November 5, Geneva Deputy Marshall Ronald Rasawehr was dispatched to a home in Geneva regarding a domestic disturbance and saw a person running from the scene. That person was later identified as Stump in the probably cause document.
    Rasawehr spoke with individuals identified as the defendant's mother/victim's wife and the wife of the accused defendant. The women admitted a group of them had been drinking earlier in the evening and an argument ensued. Both women told the officer everything was okay but refused officers access to the home to check.
    Approximately 36 hours later, a paramedic unit was dispatched to the house and Geneva officer Scott J. Daily responded as well. Daily found Sroufe on the couch in an unresponsive state.
    According to the probable cause material, Stump denied striking or hitting Sroufe saying he only pushed and shoved him. As a result, Sroufe fell into the door and went to the floor. During a second interview, Stump admitted striking Sroufe "more than once" with his hand or fist.
    Paramedics rushed Sroufe to the hospital and he remained hospitalized until November 11, when he died. An autopsy performed showed the cause of death of be blunt force trauma to the head.
    Stump is being held at the county jail under a $50,000 surety bond.


feel for the family of dennis!

May 18, 2012 by understanding2012 (not verified), 2 years 49 weeks ago
Comment: 322

I strongly agree with family of dennis and my heart goes out to the family. I would just like to say shame on the cop for not enforcing the investigation on the disturbance call,because if he would of been doing his job they probably would of found and saved his life that's the question? and shame on the wife and the other people that were involved they should also be in jail for not letting the cop in, or were they hiding something,i can't believe someone would actually put on here the family want fame, no they want justice and i would want the same thing they won't see Dennis,talk to Dennis,they have every right to take his belongings, and his money,for greivance! The wife should of done alot more to save her husbands life,because if that was my son and my husband fighting the law would of been called,so shame on her. No one knows the whole story,but it will all come out and hope to pray justice will be served! And how can anyone know the story or are taking the story from the man that lied the first time, or the wife that was drinking all night...come on now be real! Or was u there so how do you know?

Okay Now. Not everyone knows

May 14, 2012 by disscusted (not verified), 2 years 49 weeks ago
Comment: 311

Okay Now. Not everyone knows the whole story. I know that Dennis was up moving around on Saturday morning. And not everything has came total out yet. So people should keep their noses out of it till they hear everything that happiened. I think Nicolas's wife should be charged because of her saying things to get Nicolas upset to get into it with dennis. As for Dennis family going on the news was to much. all they want is the money from his death. Do you know that Dennis wife put her house up for sale to pay for his funeral and headstome at his grave. And from what i hear Dennis family was more worried about Dennis belongings than what was happening to Dennis in the hospital. And how His Family went after Dennis wife at the hospital not about dennis him self but about his belongings.I think they arent worried about justice but the fame they are getting from all this. If they wouldnt have been hounding the detectives they would have found out the truth not just want Dennis family is saying. Now a Mans life is being turned upside down because of greed not justice. AND YES I'M NICOLAS STUMPS SISTER!!!!!!AND MY NAME IS KARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It needs to stop

January 27, 2015 by hlblondie08, 12 weeks 5 days ago
Comment: 3190

I am dennis little cousin what happened that night no one will but nick an his mother. But what i can say is nick is not an innocent man he deserves to be locked up and have to face the penaltity for what he did. And if your mother Karie sold her house for the headstone money why is my family paying for it and getting it put in. I don't think justice was serve brenda was just as part of this as nick was trying clean up the mess. Karie you should be embrass and ashame that your mother an brother commited such a treible crime and that you are part of their family. And anyone who comes after my family about this one more time will have to deal with my crazy (expletive). Everyone let it go its over with we have moarned the lost and our healing let alone your family has got their punishment. we all need move forward and but this in the bast

Why is there only one person in custody?????

May 9, 2012 by brokenhearted (not verified), 2 years 50 weeks ago
Comment: 308

In the article it says that officers were dispatched to the victims residence for a domestic disturbance and was refused access to the home by the wife of the victim and the wife of the accused. They told the officers everything was fine. All the while Dennis lay in need of serious medical attention!!! Why aren't these women being held accountable for not seeking medical attention for Dennis. Quite possibly he would still be with his real family today had they not ignored his medical needs for 36 hours. So someone please enlighten me as to why they all aren't incarcerated!!!!!!!

Please tell y they are not

May 9, 2012 by Darling (not verified), 2 years 50 weeks ago
Comment: 306

Please tell y they are not charging the women for not letting the cops in the house or calling for help for him

Tell me y the cop did not go

May 8, 2012 by Darling (not verified), 2 years 50 weeks ago
Comment: 305

Tell me y the cop did not go in to the house and y the wife / mom is not geting charge they let him lay there for 36 hours I though on all domestic disturbance had to be check out the cop just let some one run for the scene and did not go in to the house what a lazy cop first he did not chase the guy running then did not even go in the house I should sue the crap out on that cop and Adams county .

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