Anthony Wayne Meadows blacktopping completed

    A major project was completed recently with final blacktopping in the Anthony Wayne Meadows addition.
    Throughout last summer and earlier, a combination of city workers and local contractors addressed numerous concerns within the addition, such as drainage problems, curbing, poor condition of asphalt, and ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance.
    Decatur Street/Sanitation Superintendent Jeremy Gilbert said work focused on four streets. varying from extending the storm sewer to replacing sections of sidewalks and curbing.
    The project began in mid-May.
    "I am very proud of the work performed by our own city workers and the local contractors involved in the project," Gilbert said, pointing out that during the project the city employees dealt with the usual daily duties as well a the multi-week cleanup from the major June 29 storm.
    "This project is something that the City of Decatur and the residents of Anthony Wayne can be proud of," he added.