Another day, another jail complaint lodged

    Another Adams County resident appeared before the Adams County Commissioners Monday afternoon at their regular weekly meeting to express his objections to the planned construction of a new county jail in downtown Decatur.
    Nick Crickmore, given the opportunity to address commissioners when discussions turned to an update on the progress of the plans for a new jail and Superior Court building, initially asked if the “same in-depth study that has been done for the new jail was also done when the old (current) jail was built, and if so, can we see them?”
    Crickmore explained the reason for his question centered on his recollection and understanding that public officials at the time of the old jail’s construction had contended that additions to the facility could be accomplished by adding a second story to the existing structure. None of the three commissioners were in office at the time the plans were drawn up for the jail, and none recalled official discussions surrounding the possibility of expanding the facility upward.
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