Added testing set for Casting site

    Thanks to $25,000 received from five sources, the former site of the Decatur Casting plant at Ninth St., and Dayton Ave. will soon undergo Phase II tests to see what remains from the initial cleanup after decades of heavy industrial use.
    At Monday's meeting of the Adams County commissioners, Larry Macklin, executive director of the Adams County Economic Development Corp., explained that Phase II includes installing seven permanent wells to test water, using ground-penetrating radar to see if anything potentially troublesome is buried at that location, and taking additional soil samples.
    The Phase II work is being paid for by money from Indiana and Michigan Power, Northern Indiana Public Service Co., CenturyLink, the City of Decatur, and the Northeast Indiana Fund, said Macklin, who thanked those donors.
    He also thanked the Decatur Street Department for removing concrete curbs, old asphalt, etc. and for leaving two areas of dirt so grass can grow. Macklin said the street department personnel did "a great neighborhood improvement." Commissioner Ed Coil also commended the street department for that work.
    Macklin noted that the Chicago, Fort Wayne, and Eastern Railroad will clean up a pile of refuse on railroad property to further improve the appearance of that part of town.
    He went on to say that having a railroad track beside the former Decatur Casting site, plus a new bridge over the St. Marys River about a half-mile north, are important features in marketing that location for business and/or industry.