Adams County fall success

    I know it’s early, but I’m more and more positive every day that we’re going to see something special come sectional time out of one or more fall sports.
    Whether it be a team or an individual, the storylines are unfolding within the thorough of high school sports and I’m getting the chance to see them first hand. I can’t wait to see what comes next.
    First off, if you are an AC or Bellmont fan and you haven’t had a chance to see the volleyball teams play yet, please mark your calenders and make yourself go. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
    Sure, Bellmont beat the Lady Jets in three sets in their face-to-face, but both of these teams are so high quality that I feel a deep title run coming. Adams Central was definitely not on their A-game at Bellmont last Saturday but in their defense, the Squaws are gunning for a 3A state title and so far appear to have all the right ingredients. AC is gunning for a title as well but in the 2A class so I’ll cut them a break.
    The AC girls and their coach both would tell you that they should have played better against Bellmont, but they are 3-1 on the season and have not lost a set other than the Squaws’ match. They should be fun to watch.
    On the other side, I got another good chance to see Bellmont in action against stiff competition when they traveled to Concordia on Tuesday night. The gym was hotter than blue blazes but nobody seemed to notice once the ball was served. Girls were flying all over the court and leaping out of the gym with athletic ability. It was as good as a prize fight with both teams taking their swings.
    When the dust settled, Bellmont had won a five-set match-up. While a reader may think that it was just a good match and nothing more, anyone actually seeing the match live would tell you that it was a statement. Defying the odds (and several BAD calls on the court), the Squaws overcame a 2-1 set deficit with their greatest asset...not skill, not athleticism...poise. These girls can flat out play and nothing phases them, either. They should be scary come October.
    Adams Central’s football team may also be primed for success in October. Yes, I know, they’ve only played one game but when you look through the scores and find a 54-7, you tend to do a double-take. Cooper Hill and the Jets have not skipped a beat after losing all-time throwing QB Dalton Combs to graduation and they could be an interesting team in sectionals with South Adams and Southern Wells returning to the field.
    On to a sport nobody talks about in the fall high school message
    There have been some highs and lows in girls golf but the lows outweigh the highs in number 3-1. That needs to change and girls like Sydney Willis will be a great asset in changing that.
    While South Adams’ golf team may not make it past sectionals this season, one girl has her eyes set on getting to the state field and that is Willis who has been single-handedly putting the fear of the golf gods into student athletes so far this year with her stellar play.
    Bellmont golf is still floating on the high of last season’s regional berth. They want more. While SA has Willis, the Squaws run by committee. They just knocked off Canterbury and Homestead, two of the premier golf squads in Fort Wayne every stinking season. Pay attention, fans. The Squaws are trying not just to put their squad on the map but to keep it there perennially.
    The South Adams boys cross country team is another scary group of individuals this season. Those Berne boys can flat-out fly through the course and another ACAC and sectional title may be hanging in the balance for the Stars if they can stay healthy led by Brody Shane.
    Sectional champion Adams Central will look to defend their title come October as well on the tennis court despite losing the greatest tennis player to ever don the red in Monroe, Nathan Barger, who graduated in May. Not to worry, though, as it seems that at Adams Central there will always be a supply of Ripley’s, Kaehrs, and Weils, even though we seem to have run out of Bargers for at least awhile...
    There are several other potential break-out seasons in the mix for the county, so if your team isn’t there or if you are an athlete on a team not mentioned, use this as motivation. Let’s bring some hardware to Adams County.