AC teacher pact changes OKed

    A unanimous vote of the Adams Central School Board on Thursday followed a strong vote by AC's teaching staff as a contract was ratified to make several changes in provisions that will remain in effect until August of 2013.
    However, according to AC Superintendent Mike Pettibone, the school board and the Adams Central Classroom Teachers' Association (ACCTA) will renegotiate salary and health benefit issues this summer.
    A fact sheet from school officials lists the following provisions in the contract:
    • Salary stays comparable with the scale during the 2008-09 school until until the summertime renegotiation.
    • Current health insurance contributions from the school corporation are $4,080 toward a single-person plan and $10,313 toward a family plan.
    The following provisions will be in effect until August of 2013;
    • The new severance plan option will let a teacher direct money into a retirement plan over a five-year period.
    • Each parent-teacher conference day will be considered one of the 183 teacher contract days.
    • The school corporation will provide direct deposit of pay for all employees.
    • The pact disallows the use of general leave for extended vacations of three or more days.
    • The agreement removes the Skills Blocks provision that reimbursed teachers $200 for a three-hour-credit graduate class.
    The fact sheet included the following statement from Adams Central officials:
    "In the midst of many changes possible in current legislation, the extended contract will allow incremental salary increases for the next two years and [will] maintain the present evaluation system of Adams Central teachers.
    "Adams Central School has appreciated and honored the work of the teachers and the cooperation of ACCTA in the past year during unusual financial difficulties."