AC playground staying put for the time being

    With the big construction/renovation project at Adams Central School making good progress, the AC school board discussed at its February meeting what to do about the elementary school playground.
    That play area has been on the north side of the school for many years, but some space was lost when an extension was added for offices, classrooms, and bathrooms to make that side of the school the main entry/exit point.
    The board, which did not vote on the matter, came to a consensus this week that the playground should stay where it is for a year or two to see how things develop.
    It was stated that a new swing set which complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act would be put closer to the elementary school.
    A large child activity site in place near the northern extension will remain in place, although high school Principal Sean McConnell said leaving it so close to the expanded building is "not inviting" from an aesthetic viewpoint. However, he supports the general idea of retaining the play area where it is.
    One point mentioned at the meeting is that, by keeping the elementary playground where it has been, the children will be shielded from wind on three sides.
    There has also been talk of letting the younger children, those from kindergarten through third grade, use the playground, while the students in fourth and fifth grades play elsewhere on the AC property.
    In regard to the construction/renovation project, the exterior work on the northern part has done and workers are completing tasks inside so classes can be held there when the project pivots over the spring break to begin demolishing the southeast corner of the building so new classrooms can be erected.
    The overall work is slated to be done by the next fall. Jeremy Ringger, the AC graduate who is vice president of Weigand Construction in Fort Wayne, the prime contractor, said everything is on schedule.
    So far, said Barry Ehinger, the former AC board member who oversees the project on behalf of the school board, cooperation has been good among everyone involved in the $10 million design-build concept.
    Also at the meeting, the board authorized payment of more than $582,000 to Weigand as the next installment of the project. The total paid to Weigand is now more than $2.1 million.