AC losing three veteran teachers, coach

          The Adams Central Board of Education received, and approved, four letters of resignation Tuesday evening. One was from Mrs. Carolyn McCammon, who has been teaching at AC for 29 years.
      “Nothing compares with this school,” said McCammon in her letter of resignation. “We have a culture of excellence that is shared by all, and we also have the freedom to pursue educational goals that will enhance student learning.”
          Adams Central Superintendent Mike Pettibone nrecommended the board accept McCammon’s resignation and noted that in the 29 years she has taught at AC, McCammon has driven 65 miles every day from her home in Muncie to the school, an ‘honor’ McCammon said she would very much like to bestow on another.
          Lauretta Zurcher, teaching students at AC for 31 ½ years, submitted her resignation as well.
          “I consider it an honor and a privilege to have served the Adams Central Community. Hundreds of wonderful young people have passed through my door, including several who are currently my colleagues!”
          In fact, a few members of the board recalled having Zurcher as a teacher, and Pettibone praised Zurcher has having been a role model for many teachers as they began their careers.
          Richard Dubach, whom the board credited with playing a major role in the success of students excelling in Algebra, submitted his retirement request after 40 years at Adams Central.
          Pettibone said Dubach notoriously arrived at school early, with an open door policy of helping students who may have questions or need a little extra help.
          “From day one, Adams Central has had a special place in my heart,” said Dubach. “I have truly been blessed and would like to thank my fellow teachers, administrators, school board, and the entire Adams central Community for the 40 years we have been together.”
          In what was somewhat an expected resignation, Jeremi Schortgen submitted a request for resignation as head volleyball coach the Lady Jets.
          Schortgen requested, and was granted, an extended maternity leave at the last board meeting. She is expected to return as a teacher in the 2013-2014 school year.  
          The board praised all of the hard work and dedication Schortgen has given to the volleyball team, stating she has not only been a coach but a role model as well.
          Speaking of the three permanent retirees, Pettibone said
“We have lost three pillars of our staff and we wish them the best of luck in the future.
          All four resignations were accepted by votes of 7-0.