AC board approves 3-hour delays

    With the harshest winter in recent history still visible in the rearview mirror, a three-hour delay has been approved for the remainder of the school year for Adams Central schools.
    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lori Richmond told the board of education Tuesday the decision to implement the three-hour delay initially came as a result of the numerous cancelations this year. The board, looking for a possible way to avoid missing yet another entire day of school, temporarily approved the delay when the decision to lengthen the school day was made.
    While the three hour delay has yet to be used, Richmond said this system could prove beneficial to the school, especially on fog days.
    “There have been times a three hour delay would have saved us from having to close,” said Richmond. “Especially in a fog situation. There’s times we call for a two-hour delay, and at the two hour mark the fog is still too thick and we have to close. Then, half an hour later it burns off. If we have the three-hour delay option, we wouldn’t have to close.”
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