5-year master plan for parks is turned over

    It's been something of a long and arduous effort, but the City of Decatur now has a five-year master plan for its parks system to go along with its new comprehensive plan and redevelopment commission.
    Park board President Larry Isch and Parks and Recreation Department Director Steve Krull turned over the plan to city council on Tuesday night, a thick document which has been over a year in the making.
    Isch said such a plan was first put together in 1972, was updated a few years later, then "got put on a shelf and there wasn't much done with it" after that.
    The park board held a couple of public meetings and conducted some surveys in recent months. "We wanted to do something that's achievable, not pie in the sky," Isch commented.
    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently approved the plan, making the city eligible to apply for grants.
    "We want to continue what we're doing (with the parks) and expand on it," Isch said.
    There was some question whether the city's plan commission will need to give its approval. Council lended its support via unanimous passage of a resolution, but if plan board approval is needed, council will follow with passage of a second resolution.