2.36 rainfall here in past 2 days

    The turkeys who survived Thanksgiving 2010 in Indiana may have drowned before the holiday was over.
    Heavy rains hit the state Wednesday and Thursday, bringing flash flood warnings in many counties.
    Officials at the Decatur weather station said this morning that a total of 2.36 inches of rain fell in the city over the two days, swelling the St. Marys River to 11.4 feet at 7 a.m. today — an 8-foot rise since a 3.4-foot reading at the same time Wednesday.
    The National Weather Service said this morning that no more rain is likely in this area through the weekend, but frigid temperatures have taken over. After a high of 54 degrees on Thanksgiving, the temperature bottomed out a 22 at 7 a.m. today.
    Wind-chill readings at that time were in the single-digits.
    A high of only 31 is predicted for the Decatur-area today, followed by a high of 34 on Saturday; a  low in the low-20s are seen for both nights.
    Sunday should be more like normal, forecasters said, with a high in the mid-40s and a low around 30.