2 events get city approval

    As the calendar turned from April to May, Decatur City Council on Tuesday night gave its approval for street closings for two summertime events, one new and the other a perennial.
    The new event is a Shriners' parade and the old is the annual Fourth of July Fireworks.
    As he usually does around this time of year, Adam Eguia turned up at the council meeting to offer some details on the fireworks show plus ask for the street closings as well as the city's annual $350 donation.
    The Fourth this year is on a Wednesday, noted the longtime organizer of the holiday event. This will be the fireworks display's 20th year, he said, and the theme will be "Welcome Home, Iraq Vets."
    More details will be provided later, Eguia added, and council followed with unanimous approval of the closing of Jackson St. for the fireworks, plus the usual donation.

Shrine parade
    The Shriners' parade will be held on Friday, June 8, starting at 8 p.m., Larry Hill, secretary-treasurer of the Shrine Calliopers, told council.
    It will start at the "Krueckeberg area" on Adams St. and go east to Five Points, and eventually will use other streets such as Second, Madison, Tenth and Elm, covering just under a mile in approximately 45 minutes, according to Hill.
    Hill said 250 to 300 people from a large number of Shrine units are expected to be on hand.
    Mayor John Schultz said the parade could include motorcycles, go-karts, horses and more.
    More details have to be worked out, such as whether no parking or parking on only one side of the streets involved will be in place for the parade. "But it's workable," Police Chief Ken Ketzler said.
    "It's our intent is to bring people to town and 'I'm sure this will," the mayor said before unanimous approval was given the street closings.
    Hill was accompanied by Calliopers President Roger Blackburn.