175th fest in the black

    So great was the enthusiasm for the event and so well-developed the sales ideas, the committee in charge of Decatur's 175th Anniversary Celebration turned a nice-sized profit, it was learned at Tuesday night's city council meeting.
    Larry Isch, co-chairman of the committee along with Max Miller, told council that the group will wind up some $16,000 in the black, thanks to the sales of numerous 175th souvenir items. According to Isch, roughly $40,000 was taken in and expenses totaled around $27,000. Then "a few more dollars trickled in" and the final total came to the approximatelhy $16,000.
    So, Isch said, the committee has decided to set aside $10,000 with the Adams County Community Foundation for another celebration in 25 years, 2036.
    Another $2,500 will be placed in the foundation to be used if and when the First St. corridor is developed, something supported in the city's new comprehensive plan.
    The remaining $2,500 will be turned over to the Kekionga Festival to be used in the future.
    The eight-year Kekionga Festival was linked to the 175h celebration this year, and in the future, most everyone agrees, some of the activities from the 175h will be added to the Kekionga fest. Chamber of Commerce President Wes Kuntzman, who heads up the Kekionga operation, and Mayor John Schultz said as much at the council meeting.
    Schultz also said he wanted to thank Miller and Isch, "who took the lead on this and gave us a wonderful, wonderful nine days."
    Isch, who noted that he "met a lot of people and had a lot of fun" in helping arrange what turned out to be a huge event, said he was grateful "that all our activities were successful."
    Kuntzman attended the meeting to present the mayor with the traveling trophy awarded the winner of the annual Mayor's Challenge at the Kekionga event. Kuntzman said the mayor "redeemed himself" by ending a two-year losing streak and besting Berne Mayor John Minch.