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Chillin' with Dylan

September 12, 2013

    Pigskin Picks. Ultimate fan photo of the week. Tailgating picture of the week. Outdoor pics of the month. AP college football poll online!
    I must be out of my mind trying to do all of these things at once but it’s all worth it after the results. I put the entire standings from all the Pigskin pickers this week and I’ll try to put them up every week coinciding with the Pigskin page that comes out every week.

Adams County fall success

August 29, 2013

    I know it’s early, but I’m more and more positive every day that we’re going to see something special come sectional time out of one or more fall sports.
    Whether it be a team or an individual, the storylines are unfolding within the thorough of high school sports and I’m getting the chance to see them first hand. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Chillin' with Dylan-Webcasting kick-off

August 22, 2013

    A very, merry Thursday, readers. We have been thrust into another school year and that means fall sports and responsibilities for parents but don’t fret too much about it because we all love Friday nights when we sit in the stands and watch our kids with pride as they tackle the opposing team on the football field.
    Now some more good news...Bellmont webcasting is back! Oh, and equally as exciting is the release of the 2013 Fall Sports Preview in today’s issue. How exciting!

Chillin' with Dylan

August 10, 2013

    While you’re reading this (or maybe just glancing), I’m spectating a kickball tournament.
    How often can people say that in a lifetime? One of several reasons I’m a big fan of this job.
    The tournament in question is the Kicking Out Cancer event headed up by Scott Christner. This has been an amazing event for four years now after today’s festivities and it’s slowly picking up attention and interest each new year.

Alone With J

August 9, 2013


Chillin' with Dylan

August 4, 2013

    Is there anything more disgusting in life than a cheater who prospers? It’s certainly not what Mr. Spock had in mind.
    Yes, of course I’m talking about Alex Rodriguez. Who else in sports today? Lance Armstrong already got his. Or did he?
    Sure he got his medals stripped and his sponsors pulled but he still makes millions on his foundations and appearances.
    What about Tiger?

Chillin' with Dylan

July 18, 2013

    Boys will be boys.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that over the years. At some point, those kids grow up and get jobs. Then they take wives and have kids (perhaps in a different order).
    I’ve had the opportunity to parooz the little league scene this summer taking in the Decatur, Monroe, and Monmouth atmosphere and boy have I accrued some great stories this year.

Hop's Heresy-A dream week, no doubt

July 12, 2013

    Imagine a camp where 1,200 kids, 300 coaches and 90 umpires assemble for one week, and the only real subject is baseball!
    Got some possibilities, huh?
    Then, put the camp in the mountains of upper New York, only a few miles from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, with games slated at 22 well-manicured fields.
    Now you're talking!

Chillin' with Dylan

July 11, 2013

    We're nearing the Major League Baseball All-star game and while I don't usually talk too much about the regular season because I think it's entirely too long and drawn out, I am making the exception this week because I've had too many fantastic discussions about the Dodgers' phenomenal rookie, Yasiel Puig.

Alone With J

July 10, 2013

    U.S. Rep. Marlin Stutzman, who represents Adams County and other Hoosiers in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, apparently believes poor people shouldn’t eat. So, too, do other Republican extremists in the House of Representatives.

Norwell softball sectional championship:       Norwell 10, Adams...
    Tonight's final Northeast Hoosier Conference baseball game will go a long...
    FORT WAYNE— The Braves used a big homerun late in the game from Brett...


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