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Just a Thought

January 2, 2014

The Stalker Within – By JANNAYA ANDREWS

    With Christmas and New Year’s now in the books, thoughts often turn to ways we may better ourselves, perhaps even make a genuine contribution to help others ... a way, oftentimes, to chase away that pesky feeling of unworthiness, usually created and maintained solely within the confines of our own mind.
    Our inner stalker, if you will.

Alone With J

January 2, 2014

Butts and carrots – By J SWYGART
    As I write this, it is 2013. As you read it, it’s 2014.
    A distinction without much of a difference, perhaps. Then again, maybe so.
    Before sitting down to write today’s entry I went through my usual routine, which includes heading to the alley behind the Democrat (or under the awning in front, depending on which way the wind is blowing and other key weather considerations) to have that ever-present cigarette.

Chillin' with Dylan-Holiday spirit with some cheer

January 2, 2014

    It was an amazing holiday.
    I had the rare chance to take a few days away from the sports world to just enjoy family and friends for a bit. The Christmas season was everything it should be this year including giving gifts to the family and just enjoying the time spent with those loved ones.
    Hopefully it was as joyous for the rest of you. Now we're back in the saddle and winter sports part two is about to kick off in 2014.

Hop's Heresy— Surprise!! I lose...sort of

December 13, 2013

    Fresh off of my overtime (new baseball league) election loss Monday night, I was commiserating with my best bud back in Alamo town, explaining to him that winning actual elections where I had an opponent was a happening  that ... well, never happened.
    "But we always had those elections back in elementary school when we elected a president of the class every semester," he reminded me. "Surely you won one of those."

50 years

November 22, 2013


Keep candy canes out of this girl’s hands

November 22, 2013


A good idea; one that took too long to reach

November 22, 2013


Rush’s double-standard: It’s bigoted AND sexist

November 22, 2013


Chillin' with Dylan- NBA season tip-off preview

November 21, 2013

    The Pacers 9-0 start has had me so giddy about the NBA season that I just couldn't help but write a column about the league through 1/8th of the season.

Chillin' with Dylan-Grab your winter gear, folks

November 14, 2013

    I haven’t even had time to pump up my old basketball in the garage yet!
    The Starfires make a point of keeping the pigskin tradition alive tomorrow going for their first regional title since 1992 against Tri-Central. There seems to be something else going on tomorrow as well, however.
    A basketball game?

Tonight the Squaws look to end their losing streak against the visiting Blackhawk Christian Lady...
    KENDALLVILLE — "We would not have won, but a big difference in the...


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