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January 17, 2011

    Thirdty-five years ago a movie appeared that began a genre of its own. Loosely based on the horror genre that used any animal from killer shrews to giant ants, the film featured Mother Nature gone wild and becoming the most terrifying of all creatures. That film was JAWS and the movies that paid tribute to in whether directly or not is long.

Alone With J

January 17, 2011

    It was Saturday morning. There I was, in the garage. The temperature outside was single digits; only about a degree warmer inside.
    I was loading up about a month’s worth of recyclables: bags of paper; sacks of glass, plastic and tin cans. A tub full of cardboard. All destined for the county transfer station.
    And then I wondered: why?

Schindler Sez

January 17, 2011


Schindler Sez
    If you were never naughty, you never had much fun.

We See You
    Never do brain surgery with your index finger, while you’re driving. We can still see you!

The Leftovers

From Left Field

January 17, 2011

    As a huge Buckeye football fan, one could go on and on and on here about the recent suspension of five players for five games next season for selling some memorabilia they owned and autographs. Instead, let's simply make a few points because even the eskimos at the North Pole can see the hypocrisy in college athletics.

Schindler Sez

January 12, 2011

Schindler Sez
A girl always seems prettier, when her daddy’s rich.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Would Santa be as jolly if he was skinny?

The Beer Salesman
Throughout the first half of the 1900s, beer salesmen would make their rounds of the taverns in their area, trying to convince the local sots, excuse me, I mean clients, to drink their particular brand of beer. Usually, the salesmen would buy all the patrons in the bars that they visited, a round of the beer they were pushing, hoping they might like it and start to drink that brand.

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