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Chillin' with Dylan

February 2, 2012

    Firstly, congratulations to the county schools' wrestling squads for their success in the respective conference tournaments. Bellmont went into the NHC with high hopes and came out the winner despite the seeding favoring East Noble.

Hop's Heresy

January 27, 2012

Down to the last takedown?

     All indications point to an energy-charged Jay County Wrestling Sectional Saturday with the three Adams County school set to make a run at that final AC Regional Team Wrestling slot ... or final for now.

Chillin' with Dylan

January 19, 2012

NFL Super Bowl hopefuls

Edge of the mat

January 18, 2012

    If both area conference wrestling tourneys follow the seedings Saturday, then the two champions will be Adams Central in the ACAC and ... East Noble in the NHC.
    The Jets came out of their seeding meeting with four No. 1 seeds, three seconds, three thirds and a fourth. South Adams, which appears to be the only team who can give the Jets a run, has two top seeds, three seconds, a third, and five fours.

Chillin' with Dylan

January 12, 2012

    Being an AC graduate myself, I can remember well the anticipation of winning the first round game of the ACAC tournament knowing we would be headed for the Coliseum’s grand stage.
    Unfortunately for Adams Central this season, that dream was crushed by the Heritage Patriots on Tuesday night when they came into the Hangar, played the best game they could play, and found the Jets on a rare bad shooting night.

Alone With J

January 11, 2012

    “It’s all fun and games ‘til someone gets hurt.”
    Yeah, your mom issued that warning as a kid; mine, too. But who’d have thought that, years later, it would apply to a presidential election?
    I mean, c’mon, you have to admit it: This dog-and-pony show that passes for a Republican presidential primary has been pretty funny so far, and only promises to get better as we march toward summer.

From Left Field

January 11, 2012

        "It just makes no sense," an obviously bothered Fire Chief Les Marckel said, "We have more training than ever and we take a more aggressive approach (to fire safety), and yet this happens."
    Marckel was speaking after this week's death of Dean Ingmire in a home fire.

Digital Views

January 11, 2012

    Growing up in the '60s, I was always a fan of the PLANET OF THE APES movies. Not so much the later TV or cartoon series, but the films. Not only did it feature some of the best science fiction stories around but also some of the most amazing special effects makeup ever seen.
    The semi-human apes were made plausible by the make up and that gave the movies something to hold on to. So when I heard they were remaking the series I was skeptical to say the least. I shouldn't have been.

Chillin' with Dylan

January 5, 2012

    The lockout notwithstanding, there have already been an abundance of storylines in the NBA to follow even if you are a casual basketball fan. The shortened season has brought with it an abundance of injuries mainly due to players in full-season swing without having an actual training camp session this year. Throw in pre-season trades, controversy, and surprise teams and we have the NBA 2012 season thus far.

Chillin' with Dylan

January 3, 2012

    It's that time of year again where you're supposed to make a New Year's resolution that you're going to stick to for about a week and then forget about. This year mine is not eating after 10 p.m. because I'm getting a little extra stuffing going on in the torso area and it's starting to make my wife nervous.

For the biggest game in all of football, you can bet on just about anything. What we have done...
    BERNE— Sydney Wills scored 24 points on a scorching 9-12 effort from the...
New England vs. Seattle 2/1 6:30 (ET) University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ  


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